Brandon (brandonbray) wrote,

Let Leonard In… The Real Story


Yesterday, among the few non-work things I’ve done in recent memory, I took several out-of-town guests to the Seattle Aquarium. While they were off exploring the exhibits, I was determined to campaign for Leonard’s immigration status.

I asked many staff members where I could find Leonard. Several of them didn’t even know what I was talking about. Those that did, said he wasn’t there. I then asked why they were keeping him out of the aquarium… you know, to get to to issues! Apparently, they’re concerned he’ll be eaten by an otter or a seal or an octopus.

Of course there are several ways to get into the aquarium—the food route or the exhibit route. For anyone else campaigning for Leonard, make sure you’re specific. Good luck Leonard!

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First of all, this has absolutely nothing to do with Leonard. Sorry. My name is Brian and I was doing a search for How to Host a Murder - An Affair to Dismember. Sound crazy so far? Cool. I bought the game years ago and I dusted it off the other day to get it ready for a party that's about three weeks away. When I began checking it out, I saw that Clue #3 is missing. I contacted the company and they will send me the clue, if I send them a receipt. I bought this game probably six years ago - no chance of having a receipt. I guess you can see why I'm writing you now. If you still have the game, could you please scan Clue #3 and email it to me? It would be a favor that the karma gods might notice and then they might help Leonard out. One never knows. Thanks either way.