Brandon (brandonbray) wrote,

Happy Birthday Konna!

Konna wondering why she is not being offered a treat.Today is a wonderful day. It is Cornell University's 143rd birthday. Shockingly, that's not the most important birthday... it's Konna's birthday.

I credit her good health to Zesto's ice cream. There's on in Seattle on the corner of NW 15th and 65th NW in Ballard in case you want to discover this miracle food. Apparently, she was also allowed to sit on a couch for her birthday.

In her old age, she no longer smiles at cameras because they are not food. Still, she is the the cutest thing ever. After last year's scare, I'm ever so thankful to still have Konna around.

I'm still trying to convince my sister to assign Konna to the seat next to me at her wedding reception.


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