Brandon (brandonbray) wrote,

Happy Tomb Sweeping Day

Today is a holiday in China... and it couldn't have come at a better time. While the last few weeks have been more exciting than usual, it's nice to have a break. Sadly, I was unable to find either a broom or a tomb to really celebrate the holiday. I'm sure China will forgive me.

For the last two weeks, we have had a parade of general managers and other Microsofty dignitaries visit. Dinner with each visitor has been nice, though I'm definitely ready to stop eating Chinese food... the adventurous variety is too much sometimes.

And with the last visitor, I was able to join on a tour of Shanghai. Surprisingly, most of the places visited were still new to me. With the Parallel Computing Platform GM came an entourage of people. It was quite fun to be around them for a few days, and with my former manager.

I probably won't get to post again for a few days (thanks to the Great Firewall). It should be fun though--my mother is here visiting, and I finally have someone to take to a great restaurants and landmarks.

George, Brandon, Pung, and Jim out for dinner at Zen in Xintiandi.
The DevDiv China leadership team with Jason Zander and Larry Sullivan for dinner.
The PCP entourage and Brandon at the Yuyuan Garden.

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We don't have a Great Firewall in VT, but last night I took some pictures of a great fire, um, ball.

I posted them on my picasa site with some fun ice photos from last weekend.