March 23rd, 2008

Skiing, Steven's Pass

Best Weekend Ever

It's been a week since March 14 to March 16, but I still think it was my favorite weekend I've ever had. Even though I was in the U.S. for only three days, it felt like weeks.

Friday was the second annual ditch day. Again, Brad, Tammy, and I went to Stevens Pass joined by Mallory. The day was relaxing and completely enjoyable. While it started snowing too much in the afternoon, we skied the whole mountain a few times stopping here and there to discuss pie crusts, dig holes in the snow, and have snowball fights. Given Mallory had rentals, this was the only time I'll ever be able to catch up with her. I'd repeat that trip anytime.

We had discussed getting pie to celebrate Pi day. On the drive home, Mallory spotted homemade pie at a cafe to which I made a sudden backtrack going the wrong way down a one way street. We had to get pie! The cafe patrons in Sultan did not understand our enthusiasm.

And then progressed to the events for the big day... Congratulations Justin and Maggie!

I am so happy for them, and it was a terrific wedding. The location was unique--I'll remember looking across a busy street to patrons at Red Robin during the ceremony. The reception had class (of course, it deserves the "Justin Class" appointment). During the Hora, I had one responsibility: to make sure Maggie did not fall off the chair. I succeeded. After the reception, we went to Lucky Strike where Maggie went bowling in her wedding dress. She's so cool.

My pictures from the wedding are shared here.

On Sunday, I got to visit with nearly all of my friends. After church, I made apple crostata and friends spent time at my house hanging out. I really miss that. Afterwards, I saw Jeff and Sarah with Sadye, who was awake and ever so much cuter.

It was a terrific weekend. Not only are congratulations in order, but thanks to Justin and Maggie for bringing everyone together and making the weekend possible. Being away has let me be in my head for a while, and this weekend really helped me figure some things out.

Picture courtesy of Mallory: Brandon, Brad, and Tammy at the top of the Tye Mill run.
Picture courtesy of Mallory: Brandon and Mallory on the ski lift. 
Justin and Maggie preparing to take group photos.
Justin and Maggie enjoy their first dance at the wedding reception.
Skiing, Steven's Pass

The First Rule of Pillow Fight is...

Pillow fight action in Shanghai.
World Pillow Fight Day in Shanghai, group photo.

Saturday was World Wide Pillow Fight day. I participated in the Shanghai pillow fight by first making my first trip to IKEA in fifteen years (I needed a cheap pillow). Who knew a pillow fight could be so much fun!

In Seattle... The news has been covered by last week's Flash Mob Pillow Fight that left feathers covering a city park. Cries of vandalism by the mayor started to put a damper on the international pillow fight. Fortunately, the pillow fight club proactively worked with the city and called a truce. So pillow fighting in Seattle can happily continue.

In Beijing... The pillow fight organized for the World Wide Pillow Fight was broken up by the police. With all the unrest in China, having an organized group of (mostly) expats isn't particularly welcomed by the government.

In Shanghai... Last year's pillow fight took place in Time Square, and did ultimately draw the attention of the police. This year, the organizing group for Shanghai, Bad Cat Productions, located it on a field at the Shanghai Sculpture Space. Even with rain, nearly seventy people showed up. Luckily, there were no police.

What a great way to meet new people! Pillow fights took place in more than thirty cities worldwide. More pictures and videos are shared in the March collection of Shanghai pictures.